Interview de Maria-Alexandra IVAN, stagiaire à l'IUT

Maria-Alexandra IVAN, étudiante roumaine de 24 ans, a intégré le service communication de l’IUT pendant 3 mois (de mi-février à mi-mai 2017) pour effectuer son stage de fin d’études. Elle prépare actuellement un master "Entreprenariat Industriel" à l’Université Politehnica de Bucarest en Roumanie.

Maria a accepté de répondre à quelques questions pour nous présenter son profil, son expérience au sein de l’IUT et ses missions. Découvrez ci-dessous l'intégralité de l'interview, réalisée en anglais par Maria.

Can you introduce yourself in a few words? Hello! My name is Maria-Alexandra Ivan, I’m 24 years old and I come from Romania. I am an engineer in Industrial Design Engineering and I’m currently working on my final project for the master degree.

Why did you choose IUT Angoulême for your internship? The context of choosing IUT, Angouleme turned into a short story. Well, firstly I filled in the general papers for the Erasmus internship without knowing for what country I was applying. Afterwards, my coordinator told me that I was accepted, and that University Politehnica Bucharest, the university where I am enrolled has a great collaboration with IUT, Angouleme. At their recommendation I have decided to come here. Before arriving in Angouleme, I didn’t know that the institute is the 2nd in France, but I knew that it is part of Université de Poitiers, a distinguished university. Since I found out about the ranking position I am even prouder of making my internship here.

What did this experience bring you? The IUT, Angouleme and living for 3 months in France has improved my knowledge regarding the French culture and language. I have improved my professional skills within the communication field due to the tools that I’ve been using: Adobe.

Does the internship correspond to your training course? Yes, my master studies are called Industrial Entrepreneurship. My internship at IUT, Angouleme has been focusing on communication field and the entire final project will be a parallel between the French and Romanian sponsorship system. In order to have a strong and outstanding collaboration with sponsors, it is of great importance to have a compelling communication.

Could you explain your missions here? My mission at IUT, Angouleme was to study, learn and help the institute with their communication department as well as sponsorship in France. I had a fixed schedule, fact that I really liked because this helped me to stay focused on my work. Participating to different IUT meetings helped me gain insight regarding the IUT activities. Moreover I had the opportunity to participate to IUT’s Open Doors event and an exhibition as well - both being great experience. Regarding my general mission I would like to improve and gain as much knowledge as possible for both my professional career and cultural education.

What is your relationship with students and IUT staff? When I started my internship at IUT, Isabelle Caillet welcomed me very nicely! Afterwards I was introduced to a lot of IUT staff and I am really happy that I met so many pleasant people. During my stay here, I got the chance to meet students as well and they were also very friendly.

What would be your advice for future international students? My advice would be to make the most of their time while staying in France by trying out their traditional “cuisine”, visiting tourist attractions and cities around Angouleme as much as possible.

Could you tell us one thing that surprised you when you arrived? Before coming here, I didn’t know exactly how big the institute was so when I had the tour of it I was surprised in a positive way due to the size and the materials that the institute provides to the students.

And to finish, what is your best memory? My best memory is when I took part in the IUT Open Doors, as a member of IUT for researching on people’s opinion, the fact that I had the chance to talk to people and hear different opinions was a great experience.